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introducing HALO, a kontakt library by DRAYKI®

HALO is a hybrid sampler featuring 2 audio sources.

drag & drop any .wav file (you can use external oneshots or drums) onto it and experiment with the effects (reverb, delay, tape & lofi), enveloppe, eq and filters.

Lifetime updates

Please note: This bank requires Kontakt 7.7.2 for optimal functionality.


At the moment, HALO is not a licensed product, so the bank is not available on Kontakt Player, you will need the full version of Kontakt to open it. Here is the link to load it into Kontakt : HOW TO INSTALL

HALO oneshots comprises 157 unique sounds in .wav format, spanning from deep key tones and unique analog synths to organic noises. While designed for use with the bank, you can also purchase them separately.

developpement : @drayki__

design : @dotgreed

trailer : @prtpiste


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